It’s a treat to be here, we spent the most beautiful day today in Coca’s kitchen making music and I came to a point where I was looking at the list of songs and every time I turned the page ahhh yes I like this one and this…she sent me a copy of her record and we like it already in our car…all of us that’s unanimous…it’s a record that been made for people, for the heart, for women. My wife picked up on that straight away – literally she did! I am really happy to be here and to be the one to help launch it…this beautiful plant of ours keeps moving and the people on it keep on moving and meeting and the music keeps evolving and the roots find their way up and seeds pass through the air and land in other places and this is an album and Coca is someone who represents that and the idea of home being everywhere is a strong feeling.

Liam Ó Maonlai introducing Cold Like Stones at album Launch at Inverness Town House, June 2017 about Cold Like Stones